German Shepherd Puppy Behavior & Development Stages

German Shepherd Behavior Stages

You should not expect German shepherd behavior stages to be fully matured from their birth as the development cycle of these puppies are the same as any other big dog breed you may have. Nevertheless, people who have recently got a GSD pup are very much concerned over German shepherd puppy behavior stages or how … Read more

How Often Do German Shepherd Dogs Change Their Coat?

How Often Do German Shepherd Dogs Change Their Coat

German Shepherd is a fantastic, shared, and favorite dog breed with good friends and family protectors with appropriate socialization and training collar for your puppy. These intelligent Shepherds contain their absolute nature. But Do german shepherd puppies change color or not? If yes, how and when did this happen? Further, how to tell what color … Read more

Do German Shepherds Drool?

Do German Shepherds Drool

Do you want to buy a German shepherd but hesitate from drool? Or do you want to know why your dog drool? Well, you do not have to worry about their drooling. Many people face difficulty dealing with their German Shepherd because they drool.  Toxic food and oral infection can cause German Shephard to drool. … Read more

German Shepherd Stud Fee – German Shepherd Stud Male Dogs

Nowadays, the German shepherd stud fee can vary somewhere between $300 to $1000 and may be more somewhere. In reality, there is a variety of factors involved that play a significant role to determine stud dog fees. For instance, AKC registered German shepherd stud fee would be higher as it is certified in terms of … Read more

My Puppy Humping At 10 Weeks (How to Stop)

My Puppy Humping At 10 Weeks

If you are here, your mind is probably baffled by uncountable questions related to dog humping. Especially if you have a puppy that is just 10-weeks old, you would be distressed that why is your 10-weeks old puppy humping. One thing worth mentioning here is that humping is not abnormal behavior. Humping, also known as … Read more

How To Knock A Dog Unconscious?

How To Knock A Dog Unconscious

How to knock a dog unconscious is the most wanted question of all pet owners. They are best known for their faithfulness, energetic behavior, and playing nature. There wouldn’t be any man on Earth who would not like to play with his pet dog. But wait! Are your plans of playing with your dog are … Read more

My Dog Keeps Sitting Down After Grooming

My Dog Keeps Sitting Down After Grooming

Worried about your dog, who is sitting down abruptly after grooming? Continue reading this article If you want to know why your dog is uncomfortable after grooming and rubbing his butt continuously after grooming. You just got back from getting your dog trimmed, and hair-dressed from the saloon, and you are witnessing this strange behavior … Read more

Is Straw Bad For Dogs? – Hay Vs Straw

Is Straw Bad For Dogs

Are you concerned about which straw is better and safe for your dog? Indeed, you are. This article will provide you with detailed information about the types of straws used for dog bedding, the difference between hay and straw bedding, and whether straw is good or bad for dog bedding. Being a dog owner is … Read more

11 Month Old Puppy Aggressive Towards Me

11 Month Old Puppy Aggressive

Like many other people, you might also be worried about the behavior of your 11-month old puppy, who has started being aggressive towards you and other puppies. If so, no need to worry more. We are here to provide you with guidance regarding the aggressive behavior of your 11-month old puppy and the tips to … Read more

My Male Dog won’t leave My Female Dog Alone

My Male Dog won't leave My Female Dog Alone

In this post, you will know why my male dog won’t leave my female dog alone and the tips to follow, especially when you have a male and female dogs at your home and you want to know something about them. Why Do Male Dogs Get Excited over Female Dogs in Heat? The draw of … Read more

If the Code for a Cat is ECV What is the Code for a Dog?

If the Code for a Cat is ECV What is the Code for a Dog

You may be wondering if the code for a cat is ecv, what is the code for a dog? If this is the homework exercise you don’t know anything about, so bear with u till the end to fully understand this code challenge which is a hot trend on the internet these days. If you … Read more

Why Does My German Shepherd Sleep On Its Back?

Why Does My German Shepherd Sleep On Its Back

Many people ask, “Why Does My German Shepherd Sleep On Its Back.” Sleeping on its back is very common among German Shepherds and can be confusing for owners. It’s excellent to discover why your German Shepherd prefers this position because it ultimately helps you make a more informed decision about what is best for them. … Read more