Best Dog Fence for German Shepherds -Black Friday Deals 2022

If you are on the lookout for the best dog fences for German shepherds, we have you covered! Those that own a larger dog such as a German shepherd will be all too familiar with the chaos that ensures wherever they go! So, if you want the perfect solution, you’re in the right place.

Today’s list will review the top 8 picks that we have for this category by digging into their main features and potential drawbacks and you can use the shock collars for german shepherds as well for dog safety. After that, we will also add in a detailed buying guide and an FAQ section to weed out any other discrepancies and confusions that remain.

While we stand by every product on the coming list, if you want the perfect and easy setup process, we recommend the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence. The collar that comes fitted with this model is also completely waterproof and can be submerged as well.


Best Dog Fence for German Shepherds Black Friday Deals 2022

Here is a handy comparison chart to look over before you start reading the reviews below:

Underground Electric Dog Fence Premium - Standard Dog Fence System

  • Waterproof design
  • Covers 6 acres
  • 1-year warranty

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs

  •  ¾ acres coverage
  • More Accessories
  • Safe &Comfortable

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System for Big GD

  • Easy to setup
  • Wireless boundary
  • ½ acres


Underground Electric

Underground Electric Dog Fence Premium
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Covers 6 acres
  • 1-year warranty
  • Waterproof design
  • Comes with accessories included
  • Has to be restored to factory settings

To begin this list, we are starting with the Extreme Dog Fence as the best wireless dog fence for German shepherd pups. This device offers an impressive 6 acres worth of coverage and range. This is incredible because it will keep your dog contained but is also a good enough distance for them to roam around freely.

Apart from this, the product in question comes with an impressive dog collar that is entirely waterproof and is, therefore, submersible up to 10-feet deep. If you have a pool in your backyard and your dog decides to dive, your investment will be protected at all costs.

Another feature that we are thoroughly impressed by is that this product comes included with a 20 Gauge High Tensile Boundary Wire which is perfect for German Shepherds. It also comes with impressive accessories included such as splice kits, training flags, a heavy Protective Jacket, a Digital Transmitter, and a Collar Receiver with the batteries included.

An important word of caution here however is that if you do not adjust the factory settings, it might be set to a higher setting and that can be dangerous for your dog.

Who doesn’t love a product that offers complete insurance and coverage? This Dog Fence comes with a year-long warranty. The best part is that it can be increased by 5 years as long as you register your product with the company. Talk about a lucrative investment!

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs
9.3/10 Our Score
  • ¾ acres coverage
  • Comes with accessories
  • Safe and comfortable re-entry
  • 5 levels of correction
  • Uneven terrain shortens the range

The PetSafe Stay & Play dog fence is our pick for the best wireless dog fence for German shepherds. This product covers an impressive 3/4 acres in a circular direction. This averages to about 100-feet in each direction which is why this is one of the best dog fences for German shepherds.

Not only will your dog have the freedom to move around, but they will be offered a range in terms of the training you can provide them with. Thanks to the inclusion of 5 levels of static correction, your dog will have steady progression-based training.

There is also a tone-only mode and this acts as a mere deterrent and won’t shock your well-behaved dog at all. You will also get a receiver collar that is rechargeable and also is waterproof for longevity. Since it is great for neck sizes 6 and above, it is perfect for larger dogs.

The one problem here is that if you have a lot of uneven territory around your house such as rocks, this will shorten the total range it can provide. However, that’s not a complete deal-breaker especially when the static re-entry feature ensures a safe and shock-free return for your pup.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Easy to setup
  • Wireless boundary
  • ½ acres
  • Waterproof design
  • Collars not durable

Moving on with our review of the best dog fence for German Shepherds, we have the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence. This is an impressive product indeed since it offers a completely wireless experience. You will not have to dig any holes to bury the wires or transmitters.

This is perhaps why it is regarded as one of the best invisible fence options for German shepherds. If in case your dog makes it out of the boundary they are most likely getting a slight shock as a deterrent, however, there is a static-free safe reentry so they are more likely to come back.

You will also be pretty happy with the fact that it is super easy to assemble and install. This along with the fact that it is portable and can be taken along for camping trips or other locations makes it an excellent pick indeed.

Finally, the waterproof collar that this product comes with is meant for dogs 8 pounds and up and accommodates collar sizes of6-28 inches. However, the collar itself has not been designed to be durable as more aggressive dogs have been known to chew on them.

Underground Electric

Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate
9.1/10 Our Score
  • 10 acres
  • Full kit included
  • Waterproof design
  • Impressive warranty
  • Tricky to setup

Moving on in our review, we are now looking at the Extreme Dog Fence professional and this product offers an impressive range that goes as far as 10 acres. The transmitter is also new and improved with a wire check mode, a temperature check, 3 Antennas, and a 12x Battery Check.

While other options will only be resistant to water, this offering from the Extreme Dog Fence brand will guarantee completely waterproof use. This means your dog can swim and play in water that is around 10-feet deep!

This is the perfect starting fence set up since you will receive a proper kit with splice kits, training flags, 14 Gauge Boundary wires, collars, and their receivers, 16 Gauge Twisted Wire, 10 staples, and a Digital Transmitter. The batteries are also included in this package.

To ensure that you are making a worthwhile investment, you get a year-long warranty that covers all aspects. In case you decide to register your fence, the warranty will increase to 10-years which is pretty impressive.

PetSafe Basic In-Ground

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence
9.0/10 Our Score
  • 4 levels of static correction
  • Automatic safety off
  • Waterproof and lightweight collar
  • Slow assembly and setup

For the best dog fence for German Shepherds, we have the PetSafe Basic Dog Fence up next. It offers 4 levels of adjustable static correction. These are crucial if you aim to end up with a well-trained dog.

However, to ensure that the shock or buzz warnings on the fence are kept to a safe level at all times, there is an automatic safety off mode included as well. This will turn the fence off in case anything goes wrong.

Moving onto the collar it comes equipped with, you will find that it won’t weigh your dog down under any circumstance and since it is waterproof, your dog will not be limited. They can roll around in the mud or jump into the water and not damage the device.

The collar also has a handy battery indicator to alert you if the battery is low. The only drawback with this device is that setup and installation might take you a while especially as a beginner.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Receiver Collar
9.0/10 Our Score
  • For 8 pounds and up
  • Waterproof design
  • 5 levels of correction
  • 6-28-inch collar size
  • Not great for smaller dogs

As we progress in our search for the best dog fence for German shepherds, we now present the PetSafe Wireless Dog Collar. This product comes with a receiver collar that can be submerged in water for around 5-feet deep. Your dog can play in the mud or water since it is completely waterproof.

The collar in question is quite versatile as it claims to fit neck sizes from 6 to 28 inches. However, if you have quite a small dog such as a pug or dachshund, you might have trouble since it is not meant for smaller dogs.

Keeping on the same track, you will note that this product can work effectively on dogs that are larger than 8-pounds. We wouldn’t recommend the use of a pet smaller than this as the shock could prove dangerous for them.

Finally, with the inclusion of 5 adjustable levels of static correction, you will have the freedom to choose the level of behavioral change you wish to see in your dog. You can start slow and build their tolerance and training level.

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System
8.9/10 Our Score
  • ½ acres
  • Safe static correction
  • Versatile sizes
  • Waterproof collar
  • Collar not durable

The Petsafe PIF-300 Dog Fence is up next on today’s list of the best dog fences made for German shepherds. You get a range that covers an adjustable circular area of around 1/2 acres. This makes approximately 180-foot diameter.

This range is what renders this product one of the best invisible fence picks for German Shepherds. Users will appreciate the fact that this product also contains an extra collar for use. The collar in question is completely waterproof and is powered by a 6-volt battery.

You can be sure that it is meant for your dog since it accommodates dogs that are 8 pounds and up. It is also easily adjustable so that it can ultimately fit dogs with a collar size of around 28-inches. While this is all well and good, users have pointed out that the collar itself is not durable or long-lasting.

Moving on in this review, we find that you will also get a training manual and instructions for setup. This will make your experience with the product even better. Finally, the receiver on the collar will send safe static correction as a deterrent when your pet is close to the boundary.

KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric

KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence Training Collar
8.8/10 Our Score
  • 2-in-1 train and contain
  • 300 meters
  • Versatile use
  • Adjustable modes
  • Charge runs out quick

To end this review of the best dog fences for German shepherds, we are looking at the main features of the KAROTEZH 2-in-1 Electric Dog Fence. You won’t have to worry about your overactive pet getting out of the yard ever again with this option especially since it has a wide signal range.

This single transmitter provides up to 300 meters worth of protection all around your home or backyard so your pet remains within the said boundary. It can also be connected to multiple receivers so if you have more than one pet, it’s perfect for you!

With its 2-in-1 train and contain compatibility, you will easily be able to make sure that you can create the perfect learning environment for your pet. This makes sure that you can keep them inside and then train them with the use of different levels of shocks.

Another reason why this is one of the best electric dog fences for German shepherds is that the collar is a very versatile one. This ensures it will fit a wide range of pets, especially larger ones. It is also made to be waterproof in design which is a definite plus for extending its life.

Outdoor Dog Kennel for German Shepherd – Quick Guide

Now that we have gone over this extensive product review list for the best electric dog fence for German shepherds, we now move on to our additional buying guide. This will discuss in detail, the main factors that you should consider when deciding on your final purchase.

After these have been highlighted, we will then answer some of the most frequently asked questions as well. This aims to clear out any existing queries and clear the issues that remain.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most crucial buying guide factors:

  • The range

The complete area that your dog fence will cover is referred to as its range. This is the total distance surrounding your home and it marks the boundary to which your dog can get. For German Shepherds, because they are such active dogs, we recommend a decent range.

Anything that ranges from 2 acres to 10 should be perfect for your dog. This will also depend entirely on your backyard or home boundary. If your house is larger and there are chances your dog might go over to cause havoc, you might want a longer-range solution.

  • The fence type

The type of dog fence you get will also depend on how much commitment you want to put in and how much you are willing to spend. There are 2 main types of dog fences. The first is the buried kind where you bury the transmitters all around the boundary you want to make.

A second type is a wireless option that does not need physical markers or boundaries to keep your dog in check. The wireless variety is less work but the buried transmitter will ensure much better performance since the physical markers are more effective!

  • The collar features

The kind of features that your product’s collar will have will make quite the difference in your overall user experience. Features of this kind include the ability to be submerged in case your dog decides to dive. This means your collar is waterproof and therefore can’t be damaged easily.

If the collar is also powered by batteries, this makes it quickly accessible as compared to having to charge it every few hours. Sure you might have to invest in buying a lot of batteries, but it is quicker and you can use the collar whenever you’d like.

  • The levels of correction

This is quite an important feature because you need to be able to train your dog with this product instead of just making him fear an invisible boundary. The goal with your dog fence and collar products should never be a punishment but should rather be more about correcting bad behavior.

Say you don’t want your dog to run out across a certain threshold and want to teach him to stop at a certain point. To ensure that you are working with a steady training progression, we recommend that you start from a lower setting instead of going with a full 5 force shock treatment.

Most transmitters will have 5 levels of correction that you can choose from. Usually, the last and highest settings are reserved for pups that are super aggressive and have serious behavioral issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high of a fence do you need for a German shepherd?

The German shepherd is as a rule very active and resilient dog. This is mostly why they are such popular picks as police dogs as well. They are resourceful and quite powerful. This is why if your dog is in good health and is truly active, it may be able to jump as high as 6 or 7 feet.

This might go even higher if your dog engages in a lot of exercise. Since you might choose not to spend tons of money on a wireless option, a proper fence is your best bet.

Does Invisible Fence work for German shepherds?

Yes, there is absolutely no reason why an invisible fence will not work on your German shepherd dog. German shepherds are big dogs and you don’t want to restrict or limit the space they have with a big fence.

You also might choose not to add in a physical wooden or metal fence that will block off your main backyard and might result in making your yard look closed off. The only catch with these devices is that they will require more training and time since containment and training go hand in hand.

How do I keep my German shepherd in my yard?

There are many ways to ensure that your pet canine does not wander off into other people’s yards and cause any trouble!

  • With a real fence

The first and most common method is by making use of a real fence or wall all around your house’s boundary. This will be a fool-proof method of course as long as you take into account how tall German Shepherds can jump.

  • With an invisible fence

As the main motive for today’s review suggests, invisible fences are an excellent way to keep your pet dog inside your yard. These emit sounds, buzzing sensations, and full-fledged shock waves to deter your dog from going where it shouldn’t.

  • With a physical boundary and training

The last technique is more visual and of course, is also cost-effective. You can make use of anything brightly colored such as cones or a flag to mark an outline of your home’s boundary. This will become a physical marker that your pet will have no choice but to adhere to.

Do German Shepherds need another Dog?

As we have already mentioned, the thing about German shepherds is that they are a species of dog that needs a lot of attention. They are also quite social and therefore they will love the company of another dog just like them.

In many cases, we have seen that if left alone for more than is necessary, these magnificent beasts might even develop symptoms of anxiety or depression. So there is no denying that another dog with your German shepherd pup might be an excellent move.

If you are going to leave your dog alone, we recommend that you hire an appropriate dog sitter, pet sitter, or family member to ensure they aren’t lonely.