Can German Shepherds Eat Scrambled Eggs?

I have heard, some of my colleagues feed their dogs eggs that got me thinking can I feed my German shepherd eggs?

I love having scrambled eggs in breakfast but did not know can German shepherds eat scrambled eggs? So, I decided to write a dedicated article and share information with all fellow pet owners who want to share yummy eggs with their loyal pets.


Can German shepherds eat scrambled eggs?

Dogs can have plain scrambled eggs even you can feed them uncooked and cooked eggs. Eggs are the powerhouse of protein that is much needed in a dog’s diet for great energy levels and muscle development. Cooked eggs or scrambled eggs without any seasoning are safe for German shepherds to eat whereas, raw eggs might be the reason for some health risks for dogs.

Eggs are a good addition to a dog’s diet since they are highly affordable, easily digestible, and an amazing source of protein.

How important are the eggs for the German Shepherd?

Eggs are the best source of animal protein, which German shepherd dogs need the most to be healthy, active, and energetic. With digestible fatty acids and amino acids egg is also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, riboflavin, folate, and iron. Whereas the eggshell contains a variety of healthy minerals like selenium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Dogs can digest eggs very well specifically if they are fed fully cooked. Dogs can eat cooked and raw eggs even the eggshell is highly beneficial and healthy for the canine.

Hope your question ‘can German shepherd eat cooked eggs’ is answered but the harm of eating raw eggs for dogs cannot be neglected. According to a survey, one among 30,000 eggs has salmonella contamination, although it is less likely, the risk of poisoning yet there as eggs can be easily targeted by bacteria when they are in ovaries of the hen before complete formation.

Another question related to the topic is being asked frequently can a German shepherd eat boiled eggs? It is completely safe for furry animals; however hard boil egg has a tendency of eliminating pathogenic bacteria that making it an ideal diet option. At the same time, boiled eggs have access to calories and fat so it is better to feed them occasionally or without the yolk.

Hold on, before start feeding eggs to your dogs there are important factors you should keep in mind about how much eggs are good for German shepherds and how to feed them eggs.

What you should know about feeding eggs to German shepherd dogs?

The German shepherd is the type of dog breed that requires heavy training and exercise due to their great energy levels also they are very sharp-minded and need a balanced, healthy diet to cope with all such matters.  Eggs can be a good addition to their healthy diet as the high protein and low-calorie level provide them immense energy and strength.

The number of eggs for a German shepherd though varies on the individual but for a safe start, you can go with 2 to 3 eggs a week and steadily increase the amount based on your dog’s reaction. If your dog is overweight so you should feed the white part of the egg without yolk.

However, the younger dog should be given 1 to 2 small eggs in a week as one egg contains 54 calories. Similarly, for large dogs, you should not exceed the number of eggs to a maximum of 5-7 per week.

In case you spot any given signs in your dog you should stop giving scrambled eggs to them:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestion issue or stomach upset
  • Allergy signs

These can be the symptoms of your dogs being allergic to eggs and you need to take help from the vet if the condition seems severe.

Safe Ideas of Feeding Eggs to your Dogs

There are some ideas of feeding eggs to German shepherds although all these are safe and the best options you can choose any of them according to your situation or ease.

  • Fully cooked

It is one of the safe options that almost eliminates the risk of salmonella poisoning as well as biotin deficiency. Yet the cooking option though reduces some essential vitamins and nutrients but overall, a risk-free option, you can feed them in scrambled and boiled form without worries. Also make sure you do not cook an egg with oil, butter, milk, or any seasonings

  • Raw form

It is the common practice that usually pets parents give their dog a bowl with a cracked egg in it or sometimes give them a whole egg with a shell on it.  Although in this way your dog will be getting all the healthy nutrients and vitamins the option is somewhat risky in terms of biotin and salmonella deficiency.

  • Undercooked or Half cooked

As an alternative to raw egg, many people prefer giving their dogs half-cooked or half-raw egg to decrease the hazards like biotin deficiency, it’s better than feeding whole raw egg.

  • Mixing Egg

You can either mix raw egg in the wet dog food or any other meal of your dog. It is rather the perfect way your dog will be getting all the benefits of the egg along with the dog’s diet or meal. You can use this technique well when transitioning your dog to any other meal option.

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