How long are German Shepherds in the Heat?

Are you planning on breeding a German shepherd? Or Is your Female GSD behaving weirdly? Well, you don’t have to worry it’s only natural to be concerned. During the heat, you will observe some behavioral changes in your GSD like she might seem agitated. To know more about the heat cycle and especially how long are German shepherds in heat, you need to keep scrolling.

Did you get lost when I used the word heat cycle? Let me explain, German Shepherd, going through the heat is the same as the human menstrual period. However, there are certain differences. Once the Female dog attains sexual maturity, she begins her heat cycle, which has four stages.

At the first stage called PROESTRUS, she is going to have red color vaginal discharge. The most obvious sign of this stage is when male dogs become attracted to the female. They can easily smell a female in heat from quite far away.

Moreover, In the second stage called ESTRUS, she is getting fertilize and ready to mate. If you don’t want many little puppies in your house then you will have to isolate your German Shepherd so she cannot mate. She is also going to have yellowish discharge, lighter than before.

Furthermore, the third phase METESTRUS is considered a pregnancy stage. If the female is pregnant, pregnancy may last from 57 days to 65 days.

Lastly, ANESTRUS is the period between estrus phases. It lasts for about six months.


How long are female German Shepherds in the heat?

Are you wondering how long is my German shepherd in heat usually? Heat cycles can vary significantly, and size plays a critical role. Some dogs, usually very small breeds, may be in the heat for only a few days. Others can be in heat for weeks. Shorter heat cycles of less than a week are rather infrequent. A normal and average heat cycle can take anywhere from 1 to 21 days/3 weeks.

You should know how to recognize that your female Shepherd is in heat. You can do so by noticing symptoms the first sign is bleeding, which is quite obvious. Secondly, she may get frustrated and develop some behavioral issues like agitation or restlessness, be sure to give her some space and be gentle instead of yelling at her.

A female in heat won’t eat as she used to on regular days, which is quite natural so no need to worry and take good care of her.

How long does a German shepherd in heat bleed

When the German shepherd in heat reaches her first stage of the cycle known as PROESTRUS, she discharges red color fluid for around 4 to 20 days. Bleeding can become heavy as the heat cycle progresses. However, in the ESTRUS stage, the dog discharges yellowish fluid for 5 to 13 days.

In the bleeding stage, take care of hygiene. To avoid a huge mess in your house, you should keep your female German shepherd clean all the time. She is likely to rub herself against the furniture so, make sure to cover them to avoid stains. If it feels like cleaning is much stressful work, you can buy some ‘period panties’ for your GCD. They are made to absorb the urination and vaginal discharge to keep your rug or carpet clean. However, subsequently, you will have to change her diapers for 4 to 10 days.

How long can a German shepherd be in heat?

Do you want to track your German Shepherd’s heat cycle? No need to pull out your diary. It is not likely to know for sure we can only talk about average figures. Most dogs go into heat once every six months approximately. Since German Shepherds are large dogs, you may only see one heat cycle per year. You can only see one every eighteen months.

It takes time to find the unique pattern of their cycle. Sometimes, it even takes two years or more for your dog to get into a moderately anticipated cycle. Pregnancy can be the cause of disruption in the cycle. Eventually, at four or five years of age, your dog’s body will have adapted to hormonal changes. At this stage, it is normal to try to predict the cycle. If you think it is too late and your dog has not gone into the heat cycle, it might be because she’s spayed. Ask your seller if the dog is neutered before buying.

How long do old German Shepherds have a Heat Cycle?

As with humans and other mammals, the fertility period of a dog decreases as she starts to age. The older a dog is, the less fertile she is going to be, and the fewer hormones she will produce. Additionally, she is going to have longer breaks between heat cycles. While your dog gets older, its periods can shorten or lengthen. If you’re worried, check with your veterinarian. They can decide to check her hormone levels and do a check-up to make sure nothing unfortunate happens.

Do Male German Shepherds Go Into Heat?

No, male German Shepherds do not go into heat. It is a typical myth. However, they get frustrated, agitated when they sense a female in heat and are unable to get to her. Also, within walking distance, they can easily smell female German Shepherds in the heat. They usually get energetic to mate with them and start to crowd in front of their house. They are sexually active all year long. It is only the way they react to a female in heat. They get drawn to it.


Taking care of German Shepherds requires time and strength. They are polite pets, so especially during their heat period, you should also be gentle towards them and be conscious of your dog’s needs. After reading this whole blog, I hope you now have an accurate picture of the heat cycle and how long are German shepherds in heat. Consequently, you are prepared for your female German Shepherd to go in the heat.