When Do German Shepherds Start Shedding

Do you feel sad to have a German Shepherd’s frizzy hair all around your home as it is painful to see the innocent buddy losing hair? Meanwhile, it is also irritating to find hair in your rugs, mats, couches, and all around.

Do you know when the German Shepherd is sad then he loses its hair, it becomes terrifying for your pet as it gives him a lot of pain and brings behavioral changes in his routine?

Though there are few months when your furry friend loses its hair but do you know you can also take various measurements to protect your German Shepherd from hair loss.

Proper grooming of your canine can save it from irritating hair loss. Do you want to figure out what time of the year do German shepherds shed?? Or, When did your puppy start shedding? Don’t mess with these questions; merely read this article to satisfy your queries and to get a well-behaved, healthy, and Groomed German Shepherd.

This article will discuss ways to produce sanity when your dog sheds hair, and we will also elaborate on when your dog indeed shed his coat.

Let’s begin without ado and more talk!

It is boring to vacuum again, use a lint roller on the cloth, and get hair blowing in your home. So being a dog groomer, if you’re dealing with heavy shedding, no worries, stay with us. Keep reading and keep exploring!


Why is my German Shepherd shedding so much in the winter?

German Shepherds keep shedding their hair all along the year, just like human beings. Yes, there is a particular time when they lose hair in clumps, and eventually, they explode into shedding furballs.

Many times it happens due to health issues and sometimes due to other problems, too. Hold on! Hold on!

Shedding Season

Winter: is the shedding season of German Shepherds. Do you know why? Let me elaborate! Dog’s coat tends to respond to daylight naturally.

When winter starts, days get short but nights long, then new hair grows by pushing the old coat. In this way, you may notice a considerable increase in shedding for a few weeks during the winter season. So, this is the reason behind hair loss in the winter season.

As the summer starts, days get longer, and your dog will no longer find a need for all that coat.

Spring: When spring hits the planet, you find another blowout! Your furry companion starts to lose his hair. The Spring season is also known as the hair fall season in the German Shepherd.

Health Issues

A healthy mind brings a healthy body. When a body is healthy, there are the least chances of hair loss, regardless of the season.

When a dog is not undergoing proper grooming and healthy food, excessive hair fall occurs. Hence, be extra careful about your dog’s diet as it is the biggest culprit in coat shedding.

Choose healthy and balanced food for your little German Shepherd as dogs are sensitive to deficiencies in their nutrition. Go extra miles in this regard!

A high-quality diet provides Essential Fatty Acids and proteins that lead to healthier follicles and elastic skin.

Don’t compromise in this regard if you want to keep the coat healthy and reduce sheds.

A flaky skin, soft coat, and extra shedding can result from being omega 3 and 6 deficient.

Moreover, do you have any idea that up to 30% of your dog’s daily protein can be used to regenerate hair and skin?


Allergies, which are all problematic for humans and their furry friends, cause hair fall in your poor German Shepherd. Ahh, that innocent soul!

Allergies cause swelling, dry skin, and itching that cause more shedding and more scratching.

Do you have an idea that there are numerous more causes and symptoms of hair fall in German Shepherd!

  • Red eyes
  • Watery Eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Red skin
  • Infected ears
  • Itchy Body
  • Patches
  • Crusts

The reasons mentioned above cause the shedding of coats in German Shepherds.

Allergies are majorly more chances of shedding in the hair, and these are caused due to environmental or food-based issues.


Too much shedding may be the symptom of something more profound that creates physical suffering and disease.

Hedding leads to significant issues, and it could be slow or immediately, depends.

G through some more indications:

  • Stress
  • Lack of Energy
  • Avoidance
  • Lethargic Attitude

If you find something is unusual, then find the suggestion of a veterinarian instantly.

The above-stated issues are severe and problematic, but the list continues, and then comes stress!


If we feel stress, it causes a lot of stress. Similarly, it also causes pressure in dogs. They don’t like the patches in their bodies. Moreover, this hair loss also gives pain, and this persistent pain causes anxiety in German Shepherd.

Dogs are excellent at hiding the stress that is miserable indeed because it doesn’t diagnose the disease.

That is why we are stating more symptoms for your ease and quick diagnosing.

  • Avoidance
  • Pacing
  • Ears pinned back
  • Aggression
  • Lethargy
  • Drooling or panting
  • Destructive attitude

You are supposed to assess your dog’s issue and need to be quick in its recovery. Keep assisting your pet in finding a comfort zone again in life.

Many reasons cause stress in the dog!

Like, loud noise, unknown places, overstimulation, interaction with new people and pets.

Upset stomach, illness, pain or illness, sprained bone, or any other disease can also cause stress.

Neutered or Pregnancy

Hormone imbalance can also cause hair loss in the German Shepherd.

Testosterone is partly responsible for keeping hair follicles healthy and strong. So, any issue in hormones due to pregnancy and neutering causes hair loss.

This hormone’s impact causes an alteration in skin elasticity and hair follicles, resulting in substantial shedding for several months.

Parasites, Ticks, or Fleas

Parasites are stubborn enemies of your pet. As these pets land on the German Shepherd, the chances of coat loss increase. These fleas irritate a dog’s coat and even allergy many times, which leads to the fall of beautiful fur.

These parasites and ticks are very disastrous for you and your furry friend. Try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Use dog shampoo, combs, and do brushing to kick off these parasites. That is why it is being said that proper grooming can bring a healthy and wealthy German Shepherd.

Fur Sheds and Regrows- Its normal

The good news is the dog’s coat returned to its position after some time. We should offer adequate care, good food, and do proper grooming of our canine.

This furry, thick, and long coats will come back to deliver warmness to your furry friend.

When the German Shepherd was born, a pup got no coat, but a beautiful skin welcomed him at about 4 to 6 months as he grew.

After some weeks, we start observing the shedding process in our buddy. And later, the new coat again grows up.

So, this part of shedding and growing is normal until diseases do not accompany it.

Our Verdict:

In this article, we have explained Why is my German Shepherd is shedding so much in the winter and When did your puppy start shedding. Furthermore, we have also mentioned common reasons that majorly become the cause of the shedding.

Go through the article to resolve your queries!