Can A German Shepherd Eat Raw Chicken? 4 Useful Tips

German shepherds are wonderful dogs that are super loyal, caring, and active to make great companions. These dogs are intelligent and energetic that require a balanced combination of training and enrichment to flourish in the new environment. Due to their requirement of animal-based protein, they can eat chicken, beef and any other meat to be healthy and energetic for heavy training/exercise.


Can a German Shepherd Eat Raw Chicken? Is it safe to feed them?

Yes, they can eat raw chicken if the chicken meat is fresh and washed properly to get rid of parasites & bacteria completely. The gastrointestinal system of dogs is evolved to consume and digest raw meat. In this way, they can safely eat uncooked chicken whereas, the bacteria of raw meat cannot affect them in any way.

Raw Chicken for GSD – Misconception

Actually, chicken meat is what German shepherds used to eat in the wild to gain good health and immense energy. However, especially formulated dog food is convenient enough for pet parents to take care of the dog’s nutritional requirement – since it is processed food, some pet owners believe in offering a diet that is pretty much close to ancestral and natural diet like raw meat (chicken & beef).

Although cooked chicken meat is better to feed your dog than raw meat to narrow down the chances of salmonella bacteria but considering some precautions can decrease the risks eventually. When it comes to the German shepherd breed most raw meats will work well.

Raw Meat & German Shepherds

You must know that wolves are the ancestors of dogs and the basic diet of wolves has been raw meat for thousands of years. Raw meat has been the natural wild diet of dogs for years. For herding dogs like German shepherds, any source of animal protein is an important part of their healthy diet.

The instincts, habits, and mentality of German shepherd dogs are naturally suited to live wild as they love to hunt down their food.  Likewise, having a similar setup of the GI systems like wolves, their sturdy stomach acids and short GI system makes them eat raw chicken with almost zero risk of severe diseases.

However, considering the evolution of GSD as pets, whether the dogs should eat raw chicken or not mainly depends on their health and body conditions. Taking some precautions into account will not just save your dog from several bacterial infections but also pose great benefits of protein-rich, low in caloric chicken.

To be able to feed raw chicken your dog’s body should be healthy enough to neutralize or remove such harmful effects of bacteria or contamination. These dogs are actually omnivores that have solid immune systems and high acidic stomachs than humans, so it works well to diminish the risks of such pathogens triggering diseases.

Even though cooked chicken has its benefits and safety but if you want to feed your dog raw meat so you should wash it very well and better to cut it in small pieces. You have to serve your dog fresh chicken, which you prefer eating.

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Let’s take a look at which part of chicken is safe to feed German shepherd cooked or uncooked:

Can German shepherds eat raw chicken bones?

Yes, your dog will love chicken bones, as raw chicken bones are easy to eat and crunched.  Chicken bones are good for their joints and teeth. Feeding them chicken bones once in a while is fine but overfeeding may cause health risks such as choking, perforation, bacterial infection, and laceration. Instead, German shepherds can eat raw chicken legs well, meaty legs are a safe and healthy option for canines.

Can German shepherds eat raw chicken breast?

You can feed cooked or uncooked chicken breast to dogs, feed them either finely minced or in pureed form. Only pick a fresh chicken fillet for your pet and make sure you wash it correctly to drain off bacteria. Similarly, German shepherds can eat raw chicken wings, as these contain rubbery bones that are ideal for dogs to chew.

Can German shepherds eat raw chicken feet?

Preferably, you should not give raw chicken feet to your GSD although most of the chick feet are based on connective tissues, cartilage, and skin tiny bones in the feet can be the reason for big health hazards for your four-legged companion. These are digestible for canines though; without small bones, they will be all safe for dogs to eat.

How much raw chicken is safe for GSD to eat?

It is important to take a slow start with uncooked chic and monitor your dog if they show any reaction or sign of allergy or upset stomach. In case all went well, you can consider increasing the amount gradually.

Generally, a dog with healthy can eat 2% raw chicken of its body weight in a day.  Instead of giving all amounts at once, you should split the total serving into two meals.