Do German Shepherds Drink a lot of Water?

My german shepherd drinks a lot of water.” This thought may have disturbed you so many times before getting to this page. German shepherd dogs are noble, delightful, beautiful, and of course,e most intelligent dogs. They are big, heavy, and large, having a healthy yet streamlined body, making them look most robust and agile. They are excellent herding dogs, and they are very suitable as service animals.

They have excellent performance as working dogs. There is many reasons why German shepherd drinks a lot of water. It is essential to know what is expected and not when dogs drink water a lot.


Do German shepherd Dogs drink more water?

The puppy could be drinking a lot of water because it is normal for puppies to drink comparatively more water, and it’s quite normal. Nothing to worry about! German shepherds are more prominent and heavier; that’s why they tend to drink bucket-full water to compensate for their body needs.

Besides, German shepherds are quite an active breed that stays active and functional almost all the time, and that’s why they need to stay hydrated to remain operational. Water consumption depends upon age, activity level, and size. So puppies consume more water compared to adults.

Small puppies mostly depend on their mother’s milk, but they have to replace the milk with water by growing. Here are some reasons why German shepherds do drink plenty of water.

  • Exercise:

German shepherds are physically so active that’s why they drink more water in bulk than other dogs, just like we humans tend to get thirsty while exercising, and the same is the case with dogs, too. So if you notice your dog has just finished the exercise, they would be thirstiest than average.

  • Illness:

When dogs get ill, they need meditation, of course. So when the vet suggests antibiotics, they also warn about the thirstiest conditions of dogs. An antibiotic may also cause a lot of arid conditions for dogs. So it is also a reason for more consumption of water to dogs. But it’s quite normal.

Could a German shepherd puppy have polydipsia?

Polydipsia is a condition of increased drinking of water. Sometimes there is no reason for this behavior, but sometimes some diseases like Cushing’s disease, Diabetes, Kidney infections, and Uterine infections.

  • Meditation:

When German shepherds are on meditation, they feel much thirsty than usual. If a dog starts putting on a unique and new reflection, they drink extra water. Another reason for these dogs to sip up more water may be an underlying illness like cancer, diabetes, and liver disease.

  • Diet:

Eating habits directly and majorly affect all body systems and drinking habits as well. Dogs that are fed mostly on dry kibbles usually feel more thirsty. Contrarily, if you more often provide them with human foods like butter, bacon, fries, potatoes, and cakes, they’ll consume more water.

Salty, sticky, and dry food also cause an increase in thirst.

  • Age:

Age is yet another important factor while looking at the water consumption of a German shepherd dog. German shepherd puppy drinks a lot of water than adults. It is normal because your puppy is growing, so this aging body needs more water to support its developing body systems.

On the other way round, the older dogs also feel more thirsty and tend to drink water all the time as they are more likely to have some health conditions boosting thirst. These conditions may be infections, diabetes, liver disease, and kidney problems.

  • Climate/weather:

Weather and climate are a factor in increasing dogs’ thirst. When it is summer or hot outside, your dog will drink more as a way of cooling themselves. Colder air tends to be drier, and the dry air can make your dog dehydrated. Thus you may find your pup drinking more in the wintertime as well.

How much is Water-Intake considered normal?

Usually, the youngest pups are dependent on mothers’ milk and thus get all the nutrition and hydration from nursing. As they start weaning, these puppies start requiring more water to replace the hydration they were receiving from their mother’s milk.

As soon as they start feeding on solid food, the water requirement lessens. As an estimate, an 8-week puppy will need about 8-ounces/day of water.

Why is Water-Intake so Crucial in German shepherd’s life?

Water is vital as it keeps the body systems in normal-functioning condition and majorly influences the metabolic system. A good drinking habit can also affect blood flow, breathing, emotional health, learning capabilities, brain activities, digestion, and much more.

Sufficient water intake is crucial as it makes up most of the part of blood, and that blood supply is ultimately the lead for all the body systems. The blood is also responsible for transporting oxygen to all the body tissues so they can work proficiently.

It also works in body regulatory affairs by clearing away all the toxins that may harm the poor dogs. As all the benefits of an adequate water intake are explained briefly, it’s easy for you to understand how water deficiency can negatively impact all the body processes that may lead to poor health and poor performance of the dog.

Is it possible that the German shepherd drinks too much water?

German shepherd drinks a lot of water usually. They are overhydrated normally. But this may be toxic for them and dangerous. If your dog shows some unusual symptoms, then consult a vet.

What should be kept in mind while providing water to a German shepherd?

One of the essential thing that should keep in mind that most of the water requirement depends on the circumstances. For example, while exercising, they feel thirstier. Also, by getting aged, more water is required for their organs and avoiding any kind of damage.


German shepherd puppies drink plenty of water because of many reasons. They are big in size, age factor, meditation, weather, and many more reasons. So when you buy a beautiful, intelligent and brave dog, keep in mind the water consumption.