Do German Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs?

German shepherd dogs are the most intelligent and beautiful breed in the world. They are used as spies because of their intelligence. They are big, have big tall ears, perky eyes, and considerable weight; they look attractive.


The temperament of German shepherd dog

Some German shepherds are aggressive because of their breed. It also depends on their genetic from which breed they have arrived. Usually, they are short temperament animals. They are intense, so they are excellent for other dogs’ protection, but they are not-so-good for a family environment.

Tougher and softer dogs:

More challenging dogs mean they are hard to train. These kinds of dogs are aggressive and can’t tolerate anyone, but they can be taught by putting in serious efforts. On the other hand, the softer dogs are also not comfortable being friendly as they are shy. Overall, all types of dogs can be socialized if they are getting training at an early age.

Different lines have different temperaments:

The temperament of dogs depends on from which line they have arrived. Some breeders produce working line dogs. So they are intense, aggressive, and have a high temperament. Some dogs are shy and skittish, and dopy. So they don’t get aggressive too fast. This discrimination happens when breeders focus only on the look of the dog and not on the temperament.


Most German shepherds are reserved for other pets and dogs. May you think do german shepherds get along with small dogs or not?

They have a certain aloofness that doesn’t allow them to be frank immediately with other pets.

Without proper guidance from the owner, a German shepherd’s natural aloofness can morph over the line to suspiciousness, distrust, and even aggression or fearfulness.

When you own a German shepherd, you should keep in mind that proper guidance can make your pet friendly.

 At which age a dog can be trained to be friendly?

At the early stage of life, a dog can be trained to be friendly toward other dogs, pets, and humans. That becomes a challenging task to achieve at an adult age, so try to give guidance to your pet at an early age.

Do German shepherd gets along with small dogs?

Small dogs are quite friendly because they are in their growing age. By getting guidance, they can be socialized and friendly. Most German shepherds bark and lunge towards other dogs because they are insecure.

They try to hide their insecurities. This behavior can be changed by guidance but can’t not “cure.”

Do German shepherd gets along with other German shepherds?

German shepherds are a very dominant kind of animal. They can’t tolerate the presence of anyone else. So they try to dominate other dogs, either they are German shepherds or any different breed.

But on the other hand, most of the dogs love to stay in good company. They like to play with other dogs. And this is great!


If you already have a dog at home and just buy a German shepherd pet, you can make it a pair. A pair of love may be.

  1. The best pairing between two dogs is considered to be between two opposite sex.
  2. If you have a female dog at home, you can bring a male dog for a perfect pair.
  3. If a new dog is a puppy, your adult dog should be out of the house sometimes.
  4.  In this time, your puppy will be familiar with your family, and it will be easy for you to make the environment comfortable for both adult and puppy dogs.
  5. It is essential to supervise both your dogs in the beginning.
  6. It is always good to bring an adult dog if you have an adult dog already.
  7. It will be helpful for you to make them a pair.

Which dog would be perfect, along with a German shepherd?

There are some important considerations you can make before buying a new pet along with a German shepherd. As German shepherd dogs like to be dominant so same-sex dogs are not a good option. They should be of a different breed and different sex.

Have you read anything explaining do german shepherds get along with golden retrievers or not. Well, golden retrievers are quite friendly dogs that tend to befriend anyone, and it’s observed that they both make a good pair.

Further, do german shepherds get along with other german shepherds? The answer is trickier, and even the situation can be trickier. The GSP has a dominating personality and they usually don’t make a good match with other dominating same-sex dogs. Contrarily, the GS of opposite genders may make the best match.

What if someone buys an adult dog?

Adult dogs are already trained. So this is not a good option to buy an adult dog for pet purposes. They may be of high temperament and can’t be familiar easily with family members and other pets. So they need the best guidance and highly supervised intention.

Is our German shepherd easy to train?

No….! Big no. They are unique and have their temperament. So it’s hard to train them. They have many mood swings and are dominant as well. Generally, german shepherds with sound temperaments are the best fit for families.

All you have to do is, establish and maintain a worthy Leader-Follower relation with your pet so the dog can feel happy obeying you.

Making German shepherd friendly:

Dogs can be aggressive if other dogs try to enter their place or territory. If you introduce a new puppy with older ones and try to get aggressive, then firmly say “no.” Take the new puppy back and come along when another one is calm down. That will help them to be good friends.


German shepherd dogs get along with small dogs. They are dominant too but can be friends easily by getting adequate training and guidance. German shepherd dogs get along with other German shepherd dogs but of the opposite sex. So by exercise and proper guidance, you can make your pet’s environment so relaxed and friendly.