How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy?

Training your German puppy is not rocket science. It one of the most straightforward procedures, but it comes with lots of patience, tolerance, and persistence. It could take a while for you to begin to see the results. When you finally see the effects of this personal training, you will be happy with your efforts.


How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy?

Training your little German puppy is one of the simplest things you need to help the dog get used to its new environment. The following points will help you home train your German puppy to grow into a lovely, socially confident, obedient, and brave dog.

(1). Begin by trying to socialize the new German shepherd puppy

Once you get the German shepherd puppy home for the first time, you should start planning its training. Early training helps the dog to develop to avoid it from having specific problems later on.

Therefore, it would better first to take the dog to the vet. You can then get the dog enrolled in a puppy socialization class or training school.

The puppy socialization training begins as soon as you get your puppy. If you do not do this, the dog will become fearful and generally exhibit behavioral problems.

Note: Puppy socialization begins from 3 months and throughout the dog’s teenage life.

 (2) Training your German shepherd puppy to use the potty

Most German shepherd pups are used to eating, peeing, and pooping indiscriminately. It is your responsibility to show them how to use a potty correctly.

This is the time that you notice how often the dog poops or pees so that you can train it to use the potty each time. You should reward/praise the dog each time it poops or pees the right way with the potty. When you reward the dog, it learns how to potty the right way.

 (3) Teaching your dog to control its mouth and chewing

All dogs like to chew things from time to time, especially when they are bored. You do not want to wake up one morning and discover that your international passport has been chewed to pieces. Why this may be shocking, it tends to happen a lot.

If you see that the dog tends to chew a lot at things, this would be the right time to let it go wrong. It would help if you taught it what it should chew and what not to chew.

The German shepherd puppies are primarily known to have exceptionally sharp teeth at birth. Therefore, you may want to teach them how to control their bites when playing with humans. It would be best if you got chewing toys for the dog, which helps it manage its mouth when biting objects.

(4) Use delicious treats when training your German shepherd puppy

All dogs love treats. They like it when you have their best treats for your german shepherd. You can use dog treats to train your dog how to calm down, especially if they are always in a bad mood. The delicious treats can be used to alleviate and motivate your little puppy.

Besides the use of treats, there are also things like play, petting, and toys that can be used. You could use some delicious treats to keep your dog fit and healthy.

 (5) Use best German shepherd puppy training tips for your dog

One of the best tips to effectively train your German shepherd puppy is to reward them each time you see them doing the right things. This can be done when you closely follow them and monitor their mannerisms and behaviors. There are different ways of rewarding your German shepherd puppy for the right actions. You could praise/pet them, give the dog delicious/yummy treats, get them a new toy, play with them, or take them for a refreshing walk.

(6) Gently handle the puppy when holding the paws, tail, and ears.

The way you handle your dog will eventually affect its disposition towards you and other people. If you rough-handle your puppy, they will learn to avoid you and treat you with distrust.

However, if you handle its tail, paws, and ears with care, it will grow up to trust and become loyal to you.

(7) Get the dog enrolled in an obedience class

Obedience class for German shepherd puppies is essential if you need your dog to grow up into one that can be restrained and controlled. The obedience training exposes your dog to several basic commands such as go, stand, sit down, and stay at a tender age.

Obedience class is something that you can do at a puppy training school or home. While home, you could repeat necessary procedures like sit down, climb, run, come over, and so on. Rewarding the dog for each correct response teaches them the command which they will never forget.

(8). Teaching your dog to use a crate

Teaching your little German shepherd puppy how to use its crate is one of the best safety training you could ever give to the dog. The dog needs to have a safe and small environment to call its own. This is where they usually sleep, rest, and get some privacy.

Puppies are naturally known to hide under tables, chairs, etc. If they are faced with something, they cannot control it. Your dog will feel safer and more loved if you create a crate for it. You could design a portable container using a soft blanket and his best toys. This will make it feel safe, comfortable, and unafraid if it has to hide away.

The training crate is essential at times when you are not home with the dog. The trunk creates a safe shelter for the dog in your absence. It helps you ensure that the German shepherd puppy stays safe and secured when you are not home.


It is quite an excellent experience to get your dog trained at home. If you do this all by yourself, it helps you properly bond with your puppy canine friend. However, most of these training generally require patience and consistency.

Your German shepherd dog is an intelligent dog breed that can be used for different things. You can use them for rescue, search, police work, military patrol, and sniffing tasks. If you want your little German shepherd puppy to grow up to become very useful, you need to train the dog properly. Proper training can be administered either through formal or informal channels.