Ear Mites in German Shepherds: How to clean it

German Shepherds are considered one of the best dogs to have as pets and can bring great happiness and comfort to your life. However, specific problems have been known by such dogs, especially german shepherd ear mites.

We know you want the best for your pup. With our help, you can have a pet with healthy ears that don’t smell foul and maintain dignity.


Best way to clean a German Shepherd’s ears

There are many occasions when these types of dogs can suffer from german shepherd ear mites. The german shepherd ear mites can be a problem that affects a dog’s well-being producing significant discomfort. So these steps can be handy to offer them a complete cleaning.

ing with cleaning german shepherds’ ears, it is necessary to check if it is wax or dirt. To do this, it is beneficial to consider the play areas of these dogs. On most occasions, a person might encounter a german shepherd ear infection. This can be noticed by visualizing black spots and detecting some odor.

Use a towel

Having a towel to use exclusively for dogs is an excellent way to avoid german shepherd itchy ears. The user should implement a proper cleaning using some liquids depending on the severity of the problem. 

Expose the ear canal by pulling the ear.

To visualize the problem of these dogs, it is necessary to pull their ear gently. Currently, these dogs may be in some pain. So the movements should be gentle so as not to arouse even more pain.

It is instrumental in incorporating ear cleaner drops for dogs. It is necessary to consult a veterinarian who will recommend the best medicine of this type. Even a certain amount of drops should be applied so as not to incorporate a too excessive amount.

Spread the liquid in the ear

Once the dog ear cleaner drops have been incorporated, the towel mentioned above should be used. In this way, you can massage the dog’s ear to spread the liquid in the ear. This allows the liquid to have spread evenly.

It should even be left to act as long as necessary so that the liquid can remove as much cider and dirt as possible. Again, the movements should be gentle so as not to cause any pain. Once you have massaged for several minutes, repeat this procedure on the other ear.

Insert a cotton ball

Once the liquid has been able to act efficiently, most of the wax and dirt can be removed. A cotton ball should be used for this purpose. The cotton ball should be gently and precisely inserted into the ear. 

In such a way that only as much wax and dirt as possible are removed. This step should be repeated in each ear after the liquid has softened the dirt and wax. It is necessary to repeat this entire procedure until no more wax or dirt comes out with a cotton ball inserted. This procedure should be repeated in each ear.

Repeat the whole procedure

When it comes to this breed of dogs, it might be necessary to check the dog’s ears every one or two weeks. Here it is essential to check that the dogs do not have this problem again after a short time. To detect any odor or traces of dirt and wax. These steps will let a person know how to clean a german shepherd’s ears.

Ear Mites in German Shepherds

These organisms tend to seek out moist areas with warm temperatures to live and reproduce. So the ears of these dogs are one of the most pleasant places for these organisms. Even dogs with floppy ears are more prone to suffer from this inconvenience. This is because droopy ears provide more moisture and heat retention.

It is possible to detect mite heads that are pin-sized and white. A cotton ball can be used to insert it into the ear of this dog. Using dark paper, you can shake the cotton ball to detect if these white dots fall off.

Sometimes it is possible to see on the dark paper some white dots that start to move. To check in a better way this situation, it is recommended to use a glass magnifying glass. In this situation, it is possible to visit a veterinarian for a complete inspection and solution.

It is necessary to take care of this issue as it is a contagious problem that other dogs can suffer from. People cannot catch this type of mite. However, this inconvenience must be taken care of, and for this purpose, there are many drops, such as ear cleaner drops for dogs.

The accumulation of wax or dirt can also be seen as black spots. If this dog owner has performed the cleaning mentioned above method several times, it could signify a more severe problem. The problem could be ear mites or significant infection. In either of these cases, a visit to a veterinarian is recommended.


When any of these problems are detected quickly, the required solution will not be complicated. The steps we have given may be helpful for some german shepherd ear mites. However, it is also highly recommended to visit a veterinarian for a professional opinion.

Incorporating the grooming method will also allow the dog to enjoy more excellent well-being day after day. This cleaning method is equally helpful after each dog plays with other animals. In turn, excellent cleaning in time could prevent other more severe problems in the future.