How Much to Feed a German Shepherd Puppy?

Wondering about how much to feed a German shepherd puppy? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss the proper diet for your puppy. Since puppy-hood is all too short, however, it is the most crucial age where you need to provide your puppy the right amount of food.

Apart from that, you might consider transitioning your dog’s diet to raw food. As dogs resist it, you will need to follow the provided breeder’s way in our article to make your dog eat it. Not just the amount of food but also, the right schedule quite impacts the growth of your dog. Therefore, we have also provided the right schedule to help you make your dog grow faster.

Moreover, when you bring your furry friend home, the first thing that comes to your mind is what you should feed him. Your worries are ours now, we have provided a proper diet for your German shepherd that will help them grow better.

You don’t need to freak out as feeding your German shepherd is not rocket science. However, it is important to know the proper diet for making him stronger and bigger. Keep reading to know more about the best diet for your pup and to know how much to feed a German shepherd puppy.


How much to feed a German Shepherd husky puppy?

A German shepherd husky mix requires more quantity of meals than an adult German shepherd. For making him strong and big, you must feed him 4 times a day. However, when he grows up, you need to reduce the number of meals per day. The same will continue up to the adult age.

What we will see now is to know how much nutrition does your German Shepherd Husky will require as a puppy.

The German Shepherd Husky is a powerful and energetic dog therefore, their diet must be according to the specific nutritional needs. For that, they will require protein-rich food every time. Proteins help them grow stronger.

Moreover, they will need at least 8% fats in their food. Generally, in ready-made food, the number of fats might be up to 12%. Apart from fats and proteins, they will also need carbohydrate-rich food to help them grow faster. Besides, their food should also contain Vitamins and Minerals to make them full of energy.

Apart from that, you might think about how much to feed a female German Shepherd puppy? According to many breeders, there is no such big difference in their diet. Still, if you are concerned about it then feed a bit less than the male German shepherd puppy.

How often to feed a German Shepherd puppy?

Many breeders and puppy owners do not care about the proper schedule for their furry friends. However, free-feeding or giving your puppy free access to kibble is not advisable. Also, this might make it harder for you to know how much your puppy is eating.

What you need to do is, work with your veterinarian to make a fixed feeding schedule that helps with the slow but steady growth of your puppy.

According to some breeders, you should feed your German Shepherd puppy twice a day. However, most of the time, the starting feeding schedule will start with four daily feedings. Moreover, when the puppy is 8 weeks old, breeders might suggest switching to three daily feedings. With the growing age, it is recommended to switch to twice feeding per day.

How much kibble to feed a German Shepherd puppy?

Almost all dog foods come with a sort of feeding guide written on the back of the package. The amount of food given to the dog is categorized according to their age. However, if you are concerned about how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy chart? You need to read on to get to it. Furthermore, these are just suggestions, you can increase and decrease the amount if your German Shepherd puppy is not comfortable with it.

For a 16 week old German Shepherd puppy, you need to provide 1/2 to 1 cup of food per day. When your furry friend is 9 months older, you will need to feed him 1.75 cups of food per day. Moreover, when your puppy is a year old, you can offer him 2.5 cups per day. Afterward, you can provide 3.5 cups of food every day.

How much raw food to feed a German Shepherd puppy?

The biologically appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for your German Shepherd puppy can be a nutritional and delicious diet. However, you need to be aware of the right amount to feed your puppy.

Your German shepherd puppy will be sorted according to its weight. They will need 5-6% of their body weight per day that will be spread across 3-4 meals. Besides, you can feed your puppy three times a day till they are six months older. Afterward, you need to reduce the feeding to twice a day. The recommended amount of raw food to be fed to your puppy is 2 to 3% of their body weight.

Moreover, transitioning to raw food might be stressful for dog owners. Yet, if your German Shepherd puppy is a finicky eater, the change might be easy for you.

Your dog might resist the raw food at first but you need to make him eat using several methods suggested by breeders. To make him eat the raw food, change your puppy’s kibble for the raw wild. There are chances your puppy vomits the food the first time. This is quite common you don’t need to worry about that and continue feeding raw food to your puppy.


German Shepherds are very strong and energetic dogs therefore, compromising on their diet is not an option. The proper diet would make him grow better and faster. Moreover, their diet should be changed with their age. Thus, if you want your dog to grow stronger when they are old enough, you need to look for suitable diets for them.

In short, if you love them then concern about how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy should be given utmost importance.