How Much Does it Cost to Sedate a Dog for Nail Trimming?

How much does it cost to sedate a dog for nail trimming is one of the significant fragments of dog grooming that some pet owners do not take seriously. This is because a few pet owners find it hard to unclip nails as some canines think of it as a very terrifying experience.

At the same time, overgrown nails although seem like a minor problem but this issue can get out of hand within no time. If you wait too long to trim your dog’s nails so the task will become more difficult to perform. Although it has been seen that uncut nails caused irritation, injury, and bacterial infection sometimes.


So Why Does it Need to Sedate a Dog?

Clipping a dog’s nail may seem easy but it is not, as many dogs are hesitant to sit straight also, they are not easy to handle and frightened especially when you have a nail trimmer in your hand. That’s when sedating plays its part, it helps to calm down the dog before the nail clipping process starts in order to make nail trimming easier and enjoyable for you and your dog.

However, if you train your dog well so clipping nails will not be a big deal. But still sedating can be a big help considering the different situations of pet owners and their hectic schedules. There are different ways to clip a dog’s nail which dog owners opt for, in which both expensive and affordable methods are included.

Pet owners can take professional services of veterinarian or groomer for nail trimming of dog rather dog owners can perform the task at home. You have to choose any depending on your dog’s behavior/training, time, and budget.

But in case you are wondering that how much does it cost to sedate a dog?

Sedation is the process in which a vet uses different types of sedatives to make dogs calm for the process of toenail clipping. With different types of sedatives, the cost of sedation varies generally the price of sedating a dog starting from $7 up to $20. Although the cost may vary on the size and breed of the dog as well as vet charge you a bit more for nail grounding service.

Let’s check out how much does it cost to get dogs nails trimmed by a vet and groomer:

Vet at Service

Visiting a vet with a dog is a regular practice for a pet owner clearly for medical examination and vaccine shots. Taking your dog to a vet clinic to trim toenails is the easiest and safest option. You can make this task done in any of the frequent visits, you need to pay the extra cost of nail-clipping and the average cost is mainly depending on the dog’s breed and personality.

The average cost to sedate a dog for nail-clipping charged by most of the vets is somewhere between $6 to $20. Whereas, there are some factors involved that determine the cost to be higher or less, such as geographical location, health insurance, some primary health complications, etc. Nonetheless, you will get a slight difference in cost anyway in case there are any of the factors involved but primarily the sedation price is somehow equal in a country.

In common practice, the vet has their ways to calm dogs down and perform nail-trimming tasks. But some dogs are hyperactive and act aggressively, in this case, the vet recommends using sedatives or over-the-counter drugs. Vet determines the right medication for dogs by analyzing their personalities and breed when sedation becomes compulsory.

Two over-the-counter drugs that some vet usually recommends are known as Benadryl and Melatonin which are also available in the medical store for a prescription.  Both mild medicines come in tablet form primarily, these are best anti-allergy for canine but can be used as effective sedatives.

Although they are safe for dogs but should not try sedating your dog without consulting to vet about proper dosage.

Groomer at Service

Professional groomer offers various deals or packages of dog grooming and some grooming packages include nail clipping as well. It is possible though, the cost may differ from one groomer to another, however, the average price of the package is ranging from $70 to $100 depending on the size and breed of dogs. A good, professional groomer charges an average of $20 to $40 for bathing dogs while for just toenail cutting services you will need to pay charges starting from $7 to $20.

Even though, some groomers charge a bit high for toenail clipping due to varied grooming methods they tend to use for the service.

Toenail Clipping of Dogs – Do it Yourself

If you have a well-trained, well-mannered dog so you can think of trimming your dog’s toenails at home. In case you have a dog with an unpleasant personality so you should not take the risk of clipping his/her nails at home as sometimes dogs injured themselves in order to escape.

Trying any type of sedative is not a safe option, if your dog is patient then go ahead with the process using a nail cutter or trimmer. Calm your dog as much as you can and you have to be very careful with every move as a dog’s toenails have ‘quicks’ means blood vessels. And if you happen to cut any blood vessel accidentally it will cause pain and trauma for the dog.

Ideally, you should go to any professional to get the toenail-clipping task done safely, without any fuss and mess.

Useful Grooming Tips for Dog’s Toenails

Trimming a dog’s nail is the key part of dogs grooming also it contains many benefits such as hygiene maintenance, comfort as well as it helps in decreasing the chances of injuries and painful scratching.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful tips for the dog’s nails:

Long and curled toenails caused many mishaps and injuries for dogs and family members so it is better to maintain short nails and once they touched the floor/ground, it is the right time to cut toenails

While nail trimming, take the help of another person to hold the dog’s paw for you and start trimming nail from the tip and go on with the slow process to avoid blood vessel accident

Experts recommend using proper grooming tool kit for pets

Try your best to keep dog’s nail clean and dry to avoid bacteria

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