My Dog Keeps Sitting Down After Grooming

Worried about your dog, who is sitting down abruptly after grooming? Continue reading this article If you want to know why your dog is uncomfortable after grooming and rubbing his butt continuously after grooming.

You just got back from getting your dog trimmed, and hair-dressed from the saloon, and you are witnessing this strange behavior of your dog. Your dog walks a few steps and then sits down, walks a few steps, and then rubs his butt on the floor or carpet, or you see that he seems uncomfortable after getting groomed. This is a disturbing situation for both you and your dog.

Dog owners often get through the situation when they cannot tell why their dog is sitting after the grooming brush. No need to worry further as we are here to tell the reasons why your dog keeps sitting after grooming.


Why My Dog Keeps Sitting Down After Grooming?

You have to be a parent when you own a pet; you need to understand every behavior and gesture of your pet. Dog owners frequently witness that their dogs sit after grooming; you are not the only one.

You might want to find the reasons why your dog sits after grooming. Sitting after grooming can be a result of any of the following:

Irritation or Swelling of Anal Glands

Anal glands are located near the dog’s tail and have an essential function. These glands secrete a fluid material that helps in bowel movement.

Under normal conditions, the anal glands express every time the dog poops. However, if the anal glands do not express themselves due to any reason, it results in swelling and impaction of these glands.

Dog groomers can express these glands manually when grooming your dog. If your dog is sitting too much after grooming, skin irritation or swelling of anal glands might be a reason.

You can use a cold compressor and a cold water bath for treating this.

Gland Expression

There are two procedures when expressing anal glands: First, expressing them externally, and second, expressing them internally.

Internal gland expression (done by putting the index finger inside the bum) is better than external gland expression (done by pressing the anal glands with the thumb and index finger from the outside).

If your dog’s anal glands are expressed externally, there is a possibility that the fluid is not expressed fully, which is causing swelling and irritation.

Razor Burn

Razor or clipper burn might also be a reason for your dog sitting after grooming.

Dog groomers use several kinds of tools and techniques for grooming dogs. If your dog is scooting after grooming, it is possible that the razors/blades used for grooming caused a local irritation to the upper layer of your dog’s skin. Dull blades and skin holding techniques are the most common reasons for these burns.

Armpits, belly, private parts, and buttocks are vulnerable to clipper burns. A medicated ointment from a medical store can help resolve the problem perfectly.

Why Is My Dog Uncomfortable After Grooming?

If your dog is feeling uncomfortable after grooming and is scooting its butt repeatedly, the following reasons might be the causes:

  • Skin irritation due to blades and razors:

Improper handling techniques can lead to clipper blades and cause skin cuts.

  • Use of unclean or contaminated blades:

A dog’s skin is sensitive, just like human skin. Contaminated blades can cause skin problems to your dog leading to itchiness and irritation.

  • Use harsh chemicals on your dog’s skin:

This can range from using harsh shampoos and conditioners to harsh shaving creams and lotions.

  • Sunburning of the skin due to the hair cut too short:

Skin is a means of protection for the dog. Cutting the hair too short means you are scraping off the protective layer, leaving the skin prone to various problems.

You can resolve these problems by using hygienic blades, mild shampoos, and mild lotions. Do not cut hair too short so that protection from the sun remains on the dog’s skin. Always tell the hairdresser about the skin type of your dog.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Be Tired After Grooming?

It is usual for a dog to get tired after grooming. However, that state can better be termed “wanting to get a relaxing nap” rather than being tired.

There are several scenarios that we can witness in this regard.

It is possible that your dog is tired after grooming because the groomer used sedatives that are causing sleepiness.

Maybe your dog is too energetic or anxious during the whole saloon trip. He might have barked and resisted a lot which has rendered him tired.

Being exhausted and tired after the saloon visit is entirely normal if it was your dog’s first visit to the groomer.

If the saloon visit was too lengthy, your dog is probably tired of all those long hours of haircut, shampoo treatment, and bathing.

Maybe your pup got too relaxed after those long and relaxing treatments that triggered its sleepy instinct.

Why Is My Dog Dragging His Butt After Groomer?

Watching your dog scoot or drag after the groomer can be both bothering and embarrassing at the same time. For refraining your dog from dragging his butt, it is first important to know why he is doing so.

If your dog is scooting after visiting the groomer, it might be due to some of the following reasons:

Infected or inflamed anal sacs make your dog rub/ drag his butt after grooming.

Food allergies have distinct manifestations, bum irritation being one of them.

Grooming material, such as shampoos, can cause skin irritation rendering the dog drag his but relieving the itchiness.

Intestinal tapeworms are parasites that live in the intestines. These parasites can irritate the butt area of your dog. These parasites can be treated with simple medications recommended by your vet.

Keeping a close eye on your dog’s behavior, diet, playing areas, and grooming products can help reduce the risk of catching these causes. Happy dog grooming from our side.

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