My Male Dog won’t leave My Female Dog Alone

In this post, you will know why my male dog won’t leave my female dog alone and the tips to follow, especially when you have a male and female dogs at your home and you want to know something about them.


Why Do Male Dogs Get Excited over Female Dogs in Heat?

The draw of the male dog towards a heated female dog is purely natural and it can be problematic for both canines and their owners. If you are the owner of a female dog that is not yet fixed then they will get into heat sooner or later but in this case, the major problem that arises is that your male dog won’t leave the female alone.

This news spread through the air and reach out to male dog’s noses and male dogs in your neighborhood will be the first to know that your female dog is all heated.

Many dogs’ owner wonders my male dog won’t leave my female puppy alone, although they are biologically arranged to sense and respond to the scent of canid in the heat you have to keep your male canine away from smelling a female canine.

And if you are wondering my male dog won’t leave my spayed female dog alone, in this scenario, you do not have to worry when your female dog is fixed.

However, it is not at all easy to keep the male dog and female dog at a safe distant place and keep the male one’s calm but it is inevitable to do if you don’t want them getting physical and causing you problems. If you are the owner of male and female pups so you have to be careful with these issues and can make it happen by creating a safe and stress-free environment for both dogs by keeping them at a safe distance.

Sometimes male dogs get extremely excited over female dogs’ heat scent that they can do anything to get that female canine even well-behaved male dogs can become like this. With this, the best you can do to avoid this situation is to get your female dog spayed and your male dog neutered. Whereas a few things you can try to do besides these to manage both of your pets well.

However, you can try other options for a while but getting your dogs neutered and spayed is the only option to avoid any uninvited breeding as well as it helps in reducing chances of cancer also improve their behavior towards other pets.

In this content, we guide you through easy ways to calm your dog and maintain the distance between male and female dogs.

Effective Ways to keep Male Dog at a Safe Distance from Female Dog in Heat

In case you do not want your female dog to get pregnant so you must take these measures into account otherwise you should prepare a welcome for new puppies in your house.

it is fact that male dogs won’t leave females in heat alone, this is when you should follow these practical ideas to ignore unwanted pregnancy, let’s check out:

Separation Works Well

The first thing first, keep your female dog away from the male dog by the time her cycle ends. Try every possible way to keep both male and female canine apart as the male dog react aggressively over the scent of the female dog in her cycle. That is to say, keeping both the dogs away from each other helps the male dog keep his calm. Family support can help you greatly, get family members on board and take care of both pets simultaneously.

These are some ideas you can try according to the scenario:

You should keep both dogs at separate places or rooms and make sure the distance of both places is wide enough if possible.

It will be best if you keep both canines on opposite sides of the house, the big distance the better between male and female as the male dog sense and smells heated female dog from miles away.

Also, try putting the male dog in a kennel or indoor while the female canine is in an outdoor area or vice versa because this prevents the male dog smell her odor.

Supervise Carefully

If you have more than two dogs so things somehow get complicated, in this scenario, you need to keep males and females away from each other also you should not leave two male dogs in one space as female dog’s scent not just make them aggressive but it may provoke a big fight.

Also, you should pay attention to ventilated areas in a room of female dog like windows, etc. shut windows or any ventilated area carefully so that the flow of female scent minimizes to some extent. It is said that male dogs can smell female dogs from five miles away.

Note: Remember to open windows for some time to let fresh air comes in.

Hide Her Scent

There are some useful ideas you can use to hide a female dog’s smell include:

You can use methanol spray-on female dog’s tail to mask her original heat scent, you have to apply any methanol spray numerous times in a day so it can overpower female smell during her cycle, you should consult a veterinarian before using any spray.

You can also use chlorophyll liquid or tablet to hide the heat smell of female dog but before trying anything on your own do talk to the vet about proper dosing instructions

Without using any spray or medicine you can avoid her heat scent by cleaning the area more often using vinegar, bathing your dog a few extra times by using mild shampoo can make a difference

Give dog diaper a try, it will be useful to mask the scent of a female dog during the heat

Manage Male Dog

  • Exercise & Walk

If you want to keep your dog calm during the female dog’s cycle so have to play with him separately, keep him distracted and entertained as much as possible.  Regular walk is a must although you can take him a long way according to his size and breed.

  • Try Lust buster

You must have heard the special product includes essential oils, peppermint, etc. that help to mask the smell around him. It can be simply applied to the dog’s nose so that the dog will not get distracted by the female dog’s heat scent.

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