Why Does My German Shepherd Tilt Its Head?

German Shepherds are highly intelligent, and at times they will show this off. Why does my german shepherd tilt its head, this is often when it is confused or interested in something. It simply wants to understand the situation better.

The various myths and misconceptions about German Shepherds Puppy Checklist to buy often generate a lot of worrying and unnecessary concern. Since these are trendy dogs, people who do not know them usually love to give their input. Below, we explain the most common theories about German Shepherds and how to deal with them.


Why Does My German Shepherd tilt its head?

There are different sets of reasons why we can find a German Shepherd head tilt. This can even be the beginning to solve some of these dogs’ ailments and offer them better well-being.

Hearing Optimization

On most occasions, these dogs tend to tilt their head to be able to detect some sounds. This happens because they are a breed of dogs that have excellent hearing like most dogs. However, there are some specific situations in which they want to hear better.

This can happen when they receive a particular command from their owners. So these dogs will want to hear the most crucial phrase and carry it out.

Sight Optimization

At certain times they not only need to hear better everything that is going on around them. Many times they also need to see better since they have large muzzles. So they get to see everything around them better when they are tilting their head. This can be much more common on the large tracts of land they are visiting.

It is even more evident when they are staring at a particular point. This behavior can be seen when they walk and visit an animal, such as a dog, in the distance. In this type of situation, they will try to see better to appreciate the dog more clearly in the distance.

Injuries or Dizziness

It could happen that the German Shepherd is suffering from some injury that causes dizziness. The damages or dizziness caused by a German Shepherd’s head tilt is more than ample.

So in these types of situations, it is considered to consult a veterinarian to find out the real problem of the injury or dizziness. This could be the best way to solve specific health problems in time. 

Owner’s Emotions

A large number of dog breeds have evolved to be able to communicate better with their owners. German Shepherds are part of all these dogs that can speak and understand many aspects of their owners so that they are used to working and understanding their owners many hours a day.

When a German Shepherd dog tilts his head to one side, he tries to understand his owner’s emotions. This can also happen when the owner talks loudly to his German Shepherd or has unconventional attitudes. 

Even when the owner provides some positive reinforcement, the German Shepherd may also tilt its head. The dog will try to show kind body language to receive treats or attention. 


Of course, another common reason that allows dogs to tilt their head down is curiosity. Even confusion and curiosity present themselves similarly in German Shepherds. In either of these cases, they tilt their head that they are trying to understand better or investigate something in particular.

Even tilting their head allows them to see better and hear better to understand what they are curious about. This can be especially noticeable when they are walking in a new space. So on the next walk, you can check this behavior.

Why do Puppies tilt their head?

The reasons for this behavior in puppies are usually very similar compared to adult dogs. Below we can mention a list to be able to detect a german shepherd puppy head tilt.

Improved Hearing and Vision

The owner of these puppies will be able to notice this behavior when these animals are investigating something. They may tilt their head to the side or forward when trying to see better or hear better. At the same time, it should be taken into consideration that dogs do not have the hearing ability of humans. 

A person can detect the orientation and origin of a sound without turning towards the sound. Dogs do not have this ability, so they must turn in the direction from which the sound is coming. In turn, they try to turn their heads to understand better the sound they are detecting.

Curiosity and Positive Reinforcement

The reasons here are the same as in the case of adult German Shepherds. Every positive reinforcement in puppy training can allow them to tilt their head. They may also do this when they are trying to investigate something that arouses their curiosity.

Positive reinforcement is very common, as it is the best way to develop specific training. Positive reinforcement allows them to be submissive, along with relaxed body language.

Pain and Health Problems

Finally, there is also the possibility that the puppies are suffering from a health problem. They may be feeling some pain that significantly impairs their well-being. In this type of situation, it is necessary to consult any veterinarian. This can be an efficient and quick way to avoid some health problems in puppies.


On a lot of occasions, they can show this kind of behavior. So there is no need to worry when someone wonders, “why does my German Shepherd tilt its head?”. The reasons may simply be curious to hear or see something in a better way.

However, it is also necessary to check for other symptoms that may demonstrate a health problem. So, along with the head tilt, we might also hear whining, constant panting, anxiety, and other common symptoms of health problems.